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METTLER TOLEDO offers accurate and reliable weighing solutions for all of your transport and logistics needs – including industrial weighbridges...

METTLER TOLEDO offers accurate and reliable weighing solutions for all of your transport and logistics needs – including industrial weighbridges. Our offering includes both analog and digital electronic weighbridge models. Additionally find in our offering fork truck scales, and lift truck scales for sale.

Truck weighing is often an integral component of a company’s throughput and profit stream, acting like a cash register on a very large scale. For this reason, not only weighbridge cost should be considered during ROI calculations, but also performance. Operations weighing between 50 and 200 trucks per day can lose tons in product give away and profits if their scale is off by even 100 pounds, which is well within the legal-for-trade limits. Unlike other weighbridge manufacturers, METTLER TOLEDO takes weighbridge accuracy seriously – offering advanced POWERCELL® technology in our load cells to combat systematic inaccuracy in bulk weighing. POWERCELL is also offered in our portable scales to weigh trucks.

What should I consider when searching for electronic weighbridge manufacturers? Accurate weighbridges can also help an operation to better track inventory in and out of their facility, gaining valuable insight into raw material usage. Our software solutions including DataBrige™ offer a user friendly interface for operators to manage transactions. From one system you can easily provide tickets, track data and analyze results.

METTLER TOLEDO manufactures electronic weighbridge solution, including truck weight scales weighbridge, portable vehicle weighing scales, and software solutions. Our comprehensive service packages help to keep vital equipment up and running when it matters most. Truck weighbridge calibration service helps to ensure equipment stays accurate and compliant to legal-for-trade standards.

Services like scale health check, cleaning, re-painting, and upgrades are also part of our daily offering – and are all performed by the top trained service technicians in the business.

Where can I find a weighbridge for sale? 
No matter your application, METTLER TOLEDO offers high-performance weighbridges, interfaces, software, and accessories to meet your weighing and operational needs. These truck weight scales and systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate and reliable systems of their kind.  These qualities work to keep your equipment and your business moving every day.

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Parcel Dimensioners

Automatic dimensioning of parcels and pallets for revenue recovery

Dynamic Parcel Weighing

High-speed, accurate weighing of parcels in motion. A wide variety of configurations and options facilitates easy integration into any material handling environment.

Easy integration into any sorting system
Flexible design with a wide number of configurations
High performance in tough environments
Consistent accuracy in high-speed sorting environments
Any speed, any throughput
From basic weighing to high-speed, high-throughput solutions
Fast data communication
Fast, seamless sorter communication with a configurable data drop
Rail Scales

Designed for easy and accurate weighing of rail cars to speed up throughput without compromising safety.

Postal Scales

Ensuring accurate measurements and greater efficiency in postal applications.

Forklift Scales

These scales save time and money by enabling forklift trucks to weigh loads accurately.

Pallet Jack Scales

Pallet jack and pallet truck scales provide high efficiency weighing for pallets and containers on the go. Accurately weigh pallets without operator strain in a variety of sizes for various needs.

Container Scales

Container Scale is an accurate, fast, reliable and trade-approved solution which features a heavy-duty galvanised-steel frame along with POWERCELL® PDX® load cells.


Dimensioning, Weighing and Identification / Truck Scales and Weighbridges


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Dimensioning, Weighing and Identification / Truck Scales and Weighbridges

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