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Profile Compact Metal Detector

For small packed products Provides the most advanced metal detection system on the market for dry product applications - optimised for production lines with limited insertion space.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance
Multiple ultra high tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity deliver exceptional sensitivity to consistently detect more metal.

Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design
Proven reliability. Intuitive, easy to use icon driven touchscreen. Choice of detector finishes and IP ratings.

Maximum Uptime
Condition monitoring and predictive analytics ensure maximum performance over time and allow a reduction in scheduled performance monitoring tests.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive InterfaceFull colour, touch screen interface with icon driven windows style display provides easy, intuitive operation. Single-Pass set up routines ensure uptime is maximised by reducing the time required to change products.
Change-Free Single Setting OperationChange-Free running mode provides single setting operation for multiple products to eliminate the need to change settings between product batches.
Permanent Condition MonitoringAdvanced Condition Monitoring technology constantly analyses the performance of major syst components. Adverse tren are highlighted as an early warning in advance of possible system failure in order to maximise process uptime.


Product Inspection Guide

Guide to Product Inspection Technology
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Profile Compact Metal Detector


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Profile Compact Metal Detector
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