Software for manufacturing process and data management
ProdX - Data Management Software

ProdX - Data Management Software

Quality and Production line software for manufacturing process and data management


ProdX, Quality, Production and Compliance Data Management Software



ProdX - Data Management Software
ProdX - remote working
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ProdX - Data Management Software Benfits
ProdX - Data Management Software Connectivity
ProdX - Data Management Software

Software Standard Features

ProdX features by installation model and job role


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Product Brochures

ProdX Data Management Software
ProdX allows you to connect and control your entire product inspection management process from a single point or from multiple remote locations, elimi...

Case Studies

Networked Product Inspection for Maximum Line Efficiency
In order to remain competitive, Heinrichsthaler constantly optimizes the effectiveness of its production facilities. Five combination checkweigher and...


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Software Care - Service and Support Package

Software Care gives you peace of mind that ProdX is always up-to-date to meet the ever-changing compliance,production and IT landscape requirements. It ensures the quickest reaction   times from our dedicated pool ofsoftware specialists to ensure the optimal system performance at all times.

Software Evolution
Updates and Upgrade

  • Notification and access to new software releases
  • Improves software and system reliability and uptime
  • Compliance with changing regulations and standards
  • Enhancements to functionality for more efficient operation
Software Deploy
  • Professional software updates and set-up by factory-trained technicians
  • Service engineer testing of system to confirm reliable operation
  • Provides support and technical assistance via remote methods such as telephone, email, chat and remote connection tools
  • Fast and efficient help for set-up and operational issues
  • Quick response and resolution times
  • Minimizes disturbance of normal business processes
On-site Support
  • Hands-on support to ensure proper software and system operation
  • Supervisor and user familiarization with new functionalit


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