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RAMS Optical Product Monitor

RAMS Optical Product Monitor

Optical product monitoring with low installation cost

RAMS Optical Product Monitor
RAMS Optical Product Monitor

Automatic phase separation detection and product identification by turbidity or color, ensures minimal waste of product and water. The rugged InPro8300 RAMS in-line systems are simple to configure, easy to use and require little maintenance. These systems are widely used in brewery and dairy applications for product/water separation, for color/turbidity control and before the filler as a product identifier. For product identification, an “optical fingerprint” of each product is taken and stored in the InPro8300 RAMS’ built-in memory.



  • Minimal product loss
  • Low installation cost
  • Fast, easy calibration
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Reliable operation


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Case Studies

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White Paper Turbidity/Color Measurement in Breweries
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Optical product monitor
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Success Story: Less Product Loss, Less Effluent at Crediton Dairy
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In-line Turbidity Measurement Increases Efficiency
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