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Comparator XPR6U

Comparator & Higher Performance Balance.It comes with 6.1 g capacity and 0.0001 mg readability. The main benefits are: Highly accurate Mass Determination, Minimized Weighing Errors, Secure Data Transfer and highly ergonomic Operation.

Accurate Mass Determination

METTLER TOLEDO mass comparators and higher performance balances guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results.

Minimized Weighing Errors

Error-free operation through user guidance on the color touchscreen for a smooth and hands-free process.

Secure Data Transfer

The integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces make it easy and reliable to transfer data to peripheral devices or a network.

Material No.: 30279276

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Specifications - Comparator XPR6U
Maximum Capacity
6.1 g
0.1 µg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load
0.4 µg
Repeatability ABA at Low Load
0.25 µg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
0.3 mg
Internal (automatic/FACT)
USB-B (to device)
RS232 (integrated/optional)
USB-A (to device)
Bluetooth (optional)
Ethernet (LAN)
User management
Password protection
User Rights
Unlimited Amount of Users
Legal for Trade
Electrical Weighing Range
0 g – 6.1 g
Repeatability nominal load
0.4 µg
Repeatability (Low Load) (5%)
0.25 µg
OIML Class
Gravimetric eccentricity elimination
Optional MC Link 2 Mass Calibration Software
5.3 kg
Weight Handler
Valuable Samples
Compliance Options
Data Integrity
Log history (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
Password protection
Log history (Basic Metadata)
Balance Line
Repeatability, typical
0.15 µg
Balance Type
Automatic doors
Password protection
Leveling guidance
Supports 21 CFR Part 11 (LabX compatible)
User management
Documentation Options
Basic Electronic Documentation
Automatic Documentation (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant)
Microbalance Type
Excellence $$$
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Weighing
Automation Options
Automated Workflows

One-Click Certificate

The optional MC Link calibration software automatically stores all your weight calibration and other metrological relevant data in a secure database. Regulatory compliant calibration certificates are issued with one click.

Latest Technology

The large touchscreen terminal with built-in user guidance minimizes errors. Built-in intelligence, e.g. status light, which intuitively indicates the instrument status.

Highly Ergonomic Operation

The user interface guarantees efficient, intuitive operation. The touchscreen allows a fast and error-free operation even with gloves.

Simplify repititive tasks

Simply store task methods in your own method library, also suitable for methods including several samples or test series.

Direct data transfer

Easily transfer task parameters and results to a PC or software application via USB or directly without need for additional software



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Datasheet: XPR Microbalances for Your Most Precious Samples
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Installation Instructions

Reference Manual: Microbalances XPR2, XPR2U, XPR6U, XPR6UD5, XPR10
Full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of your balance.
User Manual: Microbalances XPR2, XPR2U, XPR6U, XPR6UD5, XPR10
Easy reference guide to help you quickly set-up and start using your balance.
MT-SICS Interface Commands for XPR and XSR Balances
To enable you to integrate balances into your systems in a simplified manner and utilize their capabilities, many balance functions can be accessed th...


Anti-static Solutions

Antistatic kit including one stand and one compact electrode for XPR micro balance

Material No.: 30215452

Optional second compact ionizer forAntiStatic kit Microbalance

Material No.: 30300921

Replacement power supply for the U-Electrode discharging device

Material No.: 11107766

Large U-Electrode for discharging all kinds of samples and tare containers with dimensions of 15x25 cm

Material No.: 11107764

Draft Shields

External draft shield for Excellence XPR Microbalances and Ultra-mIcro mass comparators

Material No.: 11116043

Excellence Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

P-56RUE Thermal printer supports printing on thermal paper and continuous thermal labels, and it can be connected via RS232, USB and ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30094673

Filter Weighing Accessories

Filter set for filter sizes of 50mm diameter to use on XP/XS micro and ultra micro balances

Material No.: 211214

Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

Weight Calibration Made Easy

Material No.: 30212767

ErgoSens, optical sensor for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30300915

Footswitch, optional switch for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30312558

Interfaces, Cables and Power Supplies

Terminal cable, extended, 4.5 m

Material No.: 30300920

Manual Sample Dosing

Spatula for precise powder handling for micro and ultra micro balances

Material No.: 30064490

Weighing Pans

Special weighing pan suitable for small, tubular samples. Includes holder, pan and wind-ring

Material No.: 30113498

Set of special weighing pans suitable for small, tubular samples.

Material No.: 30215425

Weight Accessories

Air blower with MT Logo

Material No.: 11116548



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Comparator XPR6U