Volume, Density & Magnetism systems from METTLER TOLEDO
Systems for Volume, Density & Magnetism

Systems for Volume, Density & Magnetism

Worry-free Volume and Magnetism Determination

Volume, Density & Magnetism for efficient Density Determination For Mass Standards 1g to 20 kg

Secure weight handling Precious weights are handled with utmost care fully automatic to ensure secure measurements. Highest accuracy is achieved w...

Secure weight handling
Precious weights are handled with utmost care fully automatic to ensure secure measurements. Highest accuracy is achieved with all-time centered artifacts.

Comparator dual use
Comparator used with under pan weighing for density determination and top loading for mass standard determination.

Weights in liquid storage
Reduced influence of air bubbles and excellent thermal stability lead to highest measurement stability.

Density measurement application
The density determination process is fully automated or guided with the application software. With its high flexibility, process is adapted to customer requirements.

Accurate Volume and Magnetism Determination
VC1005X - Unrivalled Performance
VMS Systems - Dual Use for Mass and Volume Determination
S-50K Susceptometer- Where Magnetism Matters
Intuitive User Guidance
Easy Access
Traceability to Calibrated Standards

Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Electrical Range
External Adjustment
OIML Class
Measuring Time
Weight Handler
Material No.: 11116880
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Electrical Range6.1 g, 6.1 g or 0.8/3 g
External Adjustment5 g; 2 g
OIML ClassM1; M2; M3; F1; E1; F2; E2
Measuring Time15 s
Material No.: 11115965
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External Adjustment100 g
OIML ClassE1; E2
Measuring Time15 s
Weight HandlerTurntable, 4 positions
Material No.: 30047443
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Material No.: 30047444
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Material No.: 11116866
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Product Brochures

Comparator Balances Brochure
Our complete range of vacuum, automated, robotic and manual mass comparators, including volume, density, magnetism, weights, and worldwide service sup...
Brochure : Software Solutions for Mass Calibration
Clever, innovative software solutions, from stand-alone to networked systems supporting Manual, Automated and Robotic Mass Comparators.
Brochure : ComparatorPac™ - Weight Calibration Solutions
Complete Mass Laboratory Solutions - Mass Comparators, Software and Weights

White Papers

Calibration with Robotic Mass Comparators
Maximize security and deliver the highest accuracy in mass calibration with METTLER TOLEDO's Robotic Mass Comparators. Robotic mass comparator can han...
Efficient Mass Calibration Software
Efficient mass calibration can be achieved with simple workflows and reliable software for traceable data handling.
Influences on Mass Calibration ꟷ Minimizing Uncertainties
Learn to minimize measurement uncertainty by controlling or correcting physical influences which affect mass calibration.

Installation Instructions

Operating Instruction : S-50K SusceptometerControl
Operating Instructions for the suceptometer S-50K.
Operating Instruction : Volume Comparator VC1005
Operating Instructions for the volumetric mass comparator VC1005X.


Datasheet : VC1005X, VMS2 & VMS20 Comparators for Density Determination
Mass Comparators for Density Determination of weights from 1g to 20kg
Datasheet : S-50K Susceptometer for Magnetism Determination
Measure magnetic susceptibility and permanent magnetization of weights from 1g to 50kg
Data Sheet : Climate Acquisition Solutions
Climate Measurement Systems - Klimet A30, ClimaLog30 and DataLog30 - Professional Climate systems for software integration in Calibration and Referenc...


Reference Manual: Volume Measurement System VMS2 and VMS20
This manual describes the Volume Measurement System VMS2 and VMS20
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