EasyHub USB

EasyHub USB with powered USB ports.EasyHub USB expands connectivity to multiple USB devices. It supports 4 USB-A self-powered ports and 1 USB-B port. Up to 4 EasyHub USB devices can be connected together to achieve a total of 13 available USB A-ports.

Connect multiple USB devices to XPR/XSR

The EasyHub USB considerably expands the connectivity of XPR/XSR balances by adding 4 additional USB-A ports to connect USB devices.

No additional power supplies needed

The 4 self-powered USB-A interfaces supply the power to the connected USB devices, making system configuration simpler and more efficient.

Stackable solution fits all needs

Should more than 4 USB-A interfaces be needed, you can connect up to 4 EasyHub USB devices together to achieve a total of 13 available USB-A ports.

Material No.: 30468768

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EasyHub USB