Density Kit Std. & Adv. legacy

Solid and Liquid Density Determination.Density Kit for MS, ML, ME, JET, and JE

Fast and easy density determination

The density kit can smartly turn your balance into a density determination station by assembling just a few components.

Optimized transport and storage

The solid aluminum transport case allows you to store the density kit in an easy and convenient way.

For floating and sinking objects

The density kit can be used for either floating or sinking objects simply by inverting the basket.

Material No.: 30535760

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Specifications - Density Kit Std. & Adv. legacy
Accessory Type
Density Kits
Accessory Category
Density Determination
Suitable for
General Weighing


Density Kits and Accessories

Displacement body for density kit

Material No.: 210260

Glass sinker 10 cm³ for the gravimetric density determination of liquids. Includes a calibration certificate from an accredited laboratory. The sinker is suspended by a platinum wire, which due to its chemical inertia, ensures suitability for most liquids.

Material No.: 210672

Thermometer for density determination including a calibration certificate

Material No.: 11132685



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Density Kit Std. & Adv. legacy