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With the three types of sensors, the heat flow is determined
from the calculated or measured temperature difference. As with a dedicated DSC, the heat flow is calibrated and adjusted at different temperatures using certified reference materials.

  • DSC heat flow measurement – for simultaneous detection of thermal events


There are three DSC sensors available:

  • TGA sensor
    sensor without visible platinum thermoelements. For samples that form alloys with platinum or are platinum poisons
  • SDTA sensor
    consists of a platinum support with a thermocouple that measures the sample temperature.
  • DTA sensor
    measures the sample and the reference temperatures. The support is made of platinum.
    The differential measurement improves the signal-to-noise performance of the sensor.
  • DSC sensor
    consists of six thermocouples located directly below a protective ceramic support which measure the sample and reference temperatures.



MultiSTAR® sensor amplification technology

The DSC sensor is based on the unique MultiSTAR® sensor amplification technology. The six thermocouples generate a larger measurement signal, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio.



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Sensor TGA / DSC 2
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