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EasyPlus Dosing Device Easy Dose

Easy Sample Preparation. The EasyPlus sample preparation device is designed to perform accurate, error-free and fully automated, liquid handling tasks.

Easy Dispensing Applications

The instrument automatically prepares your standards. Simply input the weight of your sample and set a target concentration.

Clear Guidance

Designed for simplicity, the Easy Dose starts your routine task with a tap on the home screen.

Simple Operation

Perform your analysis either using the touchscreen or with the new responsive USB wheel controller. Enjoy precise control and comfortable operation.

Specifications - EasyPlus Dosing Device Easy Dose
Application type Sample Preparation
Burette EasyPlus burette 50 ml (included)
Options USB-P25 printer; EasyWheel
PC Software None
User Interface iTitrate
Material Number(s) 30470856

Versatile Applications

Set your required volume, dispensing speed and time to tailor dispensing activities to meet your requirements.


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EasyPlus Dosing Device Easy Dose
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