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EasyMax HFCal Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your EasyMax to a Heat Flow Calorimeter

Would you like to obtain more information from a single experiment?

Convert your EasyMax 102 or 402 Reactor System into a into a fully  functional reaction calorimeter and obtain thermodynamic information including:

  • Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Specific Heat of Reaction Mass
  • Reaction Enthalpy
  • Heat of Reaction under both isothermal and non-isothermal conditions
  • Thermal Conversion
  • Adiabatic Temperature Rise

The EasyMax HFCal Upgrade Kit is plug and play, and includes all items needed to convert an EasyMax into a heat flow calorimeter.

Note: iControl software is not included in the upgrade kit.

Specifications - EasyMax HFCal Upgrade Kit
Material Number(s) 30090576
SpecificationsEasyMax 102 HFCal               |  EasyMax 402 HFCal
Calorimetry TypeHeat Flow Calorimetry
Calibration Heater10 W
Precision Heat Transfer<± 4%
Accuracy Heat Flowtypically ± 3% to 5%, 0.1 W under isothermal conditions, at average heat generation > 5W
typically ± 5% to 10% under non-isothermal conditions at average heat generation rate > 5W
Sensitivity Heat Flow≤ 0.2 W equivalent to 2 W/L   |   ≤ 0.25 W equivalent to 0.6 W/L
Control and Data LoggingiControl PC Software
SoftwareiControl 5.4 or higher required
HFCal license
iC Data Center (optional)
Power and Data InterfaceDirect connect to standard CAN interface of EasyMax
No additional power supply or PC connection required
Dimensions120 mm x 40 mm x 170 mm


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EasyMax HFCal Upgrade Kit
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