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iC FBRM Software

ParticleTrack Software: Particle Characterization Made Easy

iC FBRM delivers key information to help users develop a strong understanding of their particle system dynamics, optimize experimental design, speed development time, and quickly identify and solve production issues. Intuitive report generation features allow users to combine data from multiple ParticleTrack and FBRM experiments with process parameters (e.g. temperature, mixing, dosing) and produce professional reports with a click of the mouse.

By enhancing data interpretation tools, iC FBRM software will quickly empower users with information to develop a strong understanding of their particle system dynamics, optimize experimental design, speed development time, and quickly identify and solve production issues.

iC FBRM Particle Characterization Software
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iC FBRM™ Software
ParticleTrack and FBRM Instruments
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14920001, 14920003

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Enhance understanding of particle system dynamics using innovative interpretation tools:

  • Innovative distribution display enhances the ability to track changing particle dimensions on the fine and coarse tails of the distribution at the same time
  • Mechanisms for particle size and shape change can be understood and quantified using trended statistics, distributions, and ParticleView in-line images, all of which may be linked at a click of the mouse
  • Particle system kinetics can be qualified through new dynamic rate of change statistics

Optimize experimental design conditions using powerful analysis tools:

  • Target an endpoint particle distribution using one integrated software package which enables users to drag, drop, and overlay distributions and trends from multiple time points and multiple batches during live acquisition or post processing
  • Relate experimental design conditions to particle system dynamics by importing process variables - such as temperature, pH, RPM, and dosing - onto FBRM trended statistics

Reduce data acquisition and analysis burden with intuitive display and reporting tools:

  • "Quick-to-learn" software
  • Wizard-based startup results in competent use within minutes
  • Strong online help, video- and webinar-based tutorials teach and answers questions within seconds
  • Method-based setup loads your previous settings to ensure the repeatability of data acquisition
  • Saving data analysis sessions allows the user to easily return to continue analysis where it was left off
  • Professional report generation tools are available with a click of the mouse


Common iC FBRM Applications include:


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iC FBRM Software
iC FBRM delivers information that helps users develop a strong understanding of their particle system dynamics, optimize experimental design, speed de...


iC Software
iC Software transforms experimental data into important process knowledge.

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iC FBRM Software
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