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Weighing Terminal IND331

Weigh-Comply-Control-Connect. IND331 Process Weigh.Term.

Choice of Enclosures

IP66 protection with harsh/desk/wall-mount unit enclosure or a panel mounted display on a control panel with the IP65 rated panel-mount version

Backup and restore utility

The SD memory card utility allows easy backup and restore of setup information along with the convenience of portability.

Calibration from PLC

Choose from traditional, Step, CalFREETM calibration methods or the new calibration from PLC feature to eliminate operator error.

Specifications - Weighing Terminal IND331
Scale Analog; max. 1 scale
Communication RS232
Communication (Optional) Allen-Bradley RIO; RS485; PROFIBUS DP; Discrete I/O; DeviceNet
Mounting Flexibility Column; Desk; Panel; Wall
Voltage 24 VDC Version; AC Version
Display Graphic OLED
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8.7 in x 7 in x 5.2 in (220 mm x 177 mm x 131 mm)
Display Mounting Flexibility Unit integrated
Key Pad Large buttons with tactile feedback
Interfaces 4 button interface; RS232
Displayed Resolution 100,000 d (max)
Protection Rating IP65
Sensitivity (Minimum/Approved) 0.1 µV / 0.6 mV
A/D Update Rate 366 Hz
DIO/COM2 Serial Port None
Hazardous Approval No
Housing Stainless Steel
CalFREE Calibration Yes
Custom programmable No
Hygenic Design No
Material Number(s) 64088572


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Weighing Terminal IND331
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Weighing Terminal IND331


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Weighing Terminal IND331

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Support for analog scale bases
  • DC (External) power supply
  • Broad connectivity options
    • Serial  - RS-232 (standard) and RS-232/485 with support for Modbus RTU protocol (optional)
    • PLC – Analog Output / A-B RIO™ / Ethernet/IP™ / Modbus® TCP / PROFIBUS® DP / DeviceNet™ / ControlNet™
    • Discrete Inputs/Outputs
      • 2 Inputs /4 Outputs
      • Solid state -- open collector type
  • Optimum target control
    • Single-latched or coincidence target
    • Three coincidence comparators
    • Internal rate calculation assignable to comparators
  • Enhanced performance for process applications
    • Ultra-fast A/D conversion (366 Hz), target comparison (50 Hz) and PLC update (20 Hz) rates
    • Patented TraxDSP™ digital filtering
    • Display resolution 100,000d (max)
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
      • SD memory card
      • Backup and restore for setup and calibration
      • Portability of setup to other terminals
    • Calibration choices
      • Scale calibration though PLC
      • Step calibration
      • CalFREE® -Calibration without test weights
      • Traditional
  • Service friendly
    • Modular design assures ease of service and multiple mounting possibilities
    • Diagnostic LEDs and error codes for easy troubleshooting
    • TraxEMT™ performance monitoring and recording for easy operational audit
    • Serial and Discrete I/O tests
  • Weights and Measures Approvals
    • NTEP, Class III/IIIL 10,000d Coc 09-051
    • OIML, Class III 6,000e (R76/2006-NL 1-09.26)
    • MID, OIML R51/R61 
    • Canada Class III/IIIHD n max. 10000/20000
  • Hazardous Area Approvals

    • USA - FM: NI / I, II, III / 2 / ABCDEFG /, T5 Ta = 40°C, I / 2 / IIC / T5 Ta = 40°

    • Canada - FM:  NI / I / 2 / ABCD / T5 Ta, = 40°C, DIP / II, III / 2 / EFG / T5 Ta = 40°C

    • ATEX: II 3 G Ex nA nL [nL] IIC T5, II 3 D Ex tD A22 IP 65 T, 100°C

    • IECEx: Ex nA nL [nL] IIC T5, Ex tD A22 IP65 T100°C

    • NEPSI: Pending


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