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Packaged Terminal Solutions - IND131 and IND331

Process terminals in pre-configured packages

The IND131 and IND331 terminals are available in a variety of packaged solutions that can include optional communications, Digital I/O and PLC interfaces as well as an AC or DC power supply. Specify a fiberglass, painted mild steel or stainless steel enclosure, to suit your process environment.

Specify a multiple-terminal installation to reduce mounting space and cable runs. Each terminal can be configured for the application required.
With the dry contact relay option installed, the IND131 and IND331 terminals can provide high voltage control signals directly to devices such as ball valves and vibratory feeders. Select latched or coincidence targets in combination with user-defined limit values for up to three comparators, to create a time-saving and cost-effective basic process controller.

Custom configuration

Specify the packaged IND131 and IND131 terminals for specific applications with convenient operators for I/O, such as pushbuttons and annunciators, to make operator interactions easier, more consistent and safer.
Each enclosure type includes integrated mounting brackets and, for DC-powered terminals, an optional internal 24 VDC power supply.

Environmental ratings of enclosures

All enclosures are UL and cUL certified, and rated IP66.

FiberglassNEMA 4/4x/12/13
Painted mild steel4/12
Type 304 brushed stainless steel 3R/4/4x/12/13


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Packaged Terminal Solutions - IND131 and IND331


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Packaged Terminal Solutions - IND131 and IND331
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