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Laboratory Weighing Equipment and Pipettes

We have a wide range of balances, weights, pipettes, tips and accessories for research, scientific and quality control labs - including balances for general or precision weighing, analytical balances, moisture analysers, manual and electronic pipettes.

Precision, Analytical and Micro Balances

From simple or general weighing, to high performance weighing with up to five decimal places - no matter what you need a balance for we have one that will suit your laboratory application.


Our Rainin pipettes include single channel pipettes, multichannel pipettes, and adjustable spacers - and we also have manual or electronic pipettes. With all these pipetting options you will be able to find the right pipette for your lab.

Pipette Tips

All Rainin pipette tips are BioClean™ - meaning they are manufactured in clean-room conditions and are contamination free. We also have tips for traditional pipettes as well as our LTS (LiteTouch System) pipettes - from 2 μl to 20 ml.

Analytical Instruments for the Laboratory

From meters for pH, density and refractometry, to titrators for water determination - we have a solution to your analytical needs.


Density meters and refractometers

We have portable and benchtop meters for density and refractometry determination so that you can pick an instrument that suits how you need to measure.


With a wide range of titrators for general titration and Karl Fischer titration, you will be able to find a titrator to fit your application and budget.


pH meters and electrodes

We have meters for pH, ORP, conductivity, ion concentrations and dissolved oxygen - either as a portable handheld meter or benchtop meter. We also have a wide range of electrodes.

Instruments for Thermal Analysis

For over 40 years, METTLER TOLEDO has been supplying scientists with thermal analysis instruments for material characterisation, including analysers for:

Differential scanning calorimeters - DSC 1 and High Pressure DSC 1

Our DSC instruments for differential scanning calorimetry measure  enthalpy changes in samples due to changes in their physical and chemical properties as a function of temperature or time.


Thermogravimetric analysers - TGA 1 and TGA/DSC 1

Thermogravimetry is the measurement of the change in weight as a sample is heated, cooled or head at constant temperature. Our thermo gravimetric analyser the TGA 1 is an affordable option for research and quality control labs, and the TGA / DSC 1 is a great combination analyser which can also measure DSC heat flow.

DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analyser

DMA instruments for dynamic mechanical analysis

Our dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) instruments measurement mechanical and viscoelastic properties of materials to guaranteeing a product's performance. We have two instruments: the DMA 1 and the DMA / SDTA861e dynamic mechanical analysers.

Industrial Weighing Equipment

From bench scales and floor scales, to checkweighing equipment and weighbridges - we have equipment for every industrial weighing applications.

Scales and checkweighers for general weighing

We have a range of scales for all types of weighing, including scales for hazardous areas and checkweighers to check if your product is under or over weight.

Scales and equipment for mailing and shipping

Our dimensing equipment can measure the cubic space (or dimensions) of the object being shipped, and help you calculate the freight costs involved as well as help you plan your cargo space. We also have shipping scales for conveyor operations.


Weighbridges (or truck scales) are essentially large scales that used to weigh vehicles. Weighbridges are essential to check the weight of a truck or vehicles load, as well as ensure they are within legal road limits.

Instruments for In-line Process Control

We have a range of sensors, transmitters and housing for in-line process control systems.


In-line sensors

We have sensors for a wide range of parameters including pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and gas.

Transmitters for in-line process control

We have transmitters for pH, DO, conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved ozone, turbidity, CO2 and flow. We also have multi-parameter transmitters.

Softdrink producers
Softdrink producers

Industry information centres

To make things easier for you, we have created a number of industry information centres which list products and educational materials that are most relevant to your industry.

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