Thermal Analysis UserCom 8 - METTLER TOLEDO

Thermal Analysis UserCom 8


Tips on Model Free Kinetics (page 1)

  • Benefits, practical procedures and evaluations

Crucibles for high temperature TGA (page 18)

Crucible lid with 50μm hole (page 4)

  • For exact boiling point determination and solvent loss investigations

Polymorphism using DSC (page 5)

  • Monotropic solid/solid transition of sulfapyridine, enantiotropic solid/solid transition of potassium perchlorate, allotropy of sulfur

Swelling measurements of thin polymer films with TMA (page 9)

  • Polymethacrylate films on pellets as a model system for controlled drug release

Vitrification in the isothermal curing ofepoxy resin by ADSC (page 11)

  • Separation of curing and vitrification

TGA measurements at reduced pressure (page 13)

  • Step separation of rubber mass losses becomes possible by pressure reductions to 15 mbar

Application of DSC to the investigation of damaged plastic materials (page 14)

  • QC inspection regarding prescribed materials, contaminants, "frozen" stresses, thermal processing damages


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