Profile Advantage Metal Detection Systems - METTLER TOLEDO

Profile Advantage Metal Detection Systems


For Challenging Applications

Profile Advantage metal detection systems use a combination of Multi-Simultaneous Frequency and Product Signal Suppression technology to overcome product effect in challenging applications, detecting up to 50% smaller irregular-shaped metal contaminants.

Overcome Product Effect

Product Effect occurs when a product's own characteristics – such as high salt or moisture content – create a signal in the metal detector similar to that of a metal contaminant. Profile Advantage systems use a proprietary '3S' algorithm to minimize the active product signal and overcome product effect.

Reduce Your False Reject Rate

Products that are wet, warm, cooling, have variable temperature or moisture content, or are wrapped in metallized film are challenging applications for traditional metal detection technology. However, Profile Advantage uses innovative software which virtually eliminates false rejects in challenging applications.

Detect Smaller Metal Contaminants

A small improvement in detection sensitivity results in a significant improvement in the length of irregular-shaped metal contaminants such as wire and swarf that can be detected. Profile Advantage detects contaminants up to 50 percent smaller to reduce your risk of product recalls.

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