Product Brochure

Reliable Precision Weighing for Harsh Environments

Product Brochure

Washdown Weighing and Combination Systems

Reliable Washdown Solutions for Harsh Environments | Brochure
Reliable Washdown Solutions for Harsh Environments | Brochure

This brochure introduces METTLER TOLEDO checkweighing solutions for challenging environments, and details how these robust, IP69-rated systems are designed to support harsh washdown and sanitation routines, providing reliable weighing results even directly after cleaning.

The brochure focuses on the following areas in detail:

  • The challenges of harsh production environments
  • How the design of washdown systems facilitate cleaning routines
  • Characteristics required of washdown solutions for reliable results despite intense cleaning routines
  • The benefits of METTLER TOLEDO washdown checkweighing and combination solutions


Manufacturers are often concerned that precision weighing instruments such as checkweighers will break down easily in harsh environments, leading to production downtime, loss of reliable weight verification, and lots of extra work. Water residue collecting in components such as electrical cabinets, cable connectors or bearings can damage equipment and cause additional unwanted downtime.

METTLER TOLEDO washdown systems feature hygienic design elements such as sloped surfaces to minimize liquid retention and reduce microbiological contamination. An intuitive conveyor design supports fast dismantling and simplified reassembly of the systems for cleaning. The tool-free removal of the conveyor belts, idle roller and glide plates speeds up the drying process. These washdown systems are specifically designed to reduce user error and minimize cleaning-related downtime.