Good Refractive Index Measuring Practice Webinar

Best Practices for Your Day-to-Day Refractive Index Measurements

Learn how to achieve the best results with digital refractometers, comply with standards, verify measurement performance and improve data management.

Digital refractometers have replaced manual measurements with Abbe refractometers in almost all labs, and have considerably increased the measurement quality and reproducibility, while decreasing the time needed for an analysis. Utilizing good measuring practices when using digital refractometers allow you to achieve the best, most reliable results. Increase efficiency and reduce transcription errors.

This webinar focuses on refractive index measurements and covers the following topics:

  • International norms and standards for refractometers
  • Digital refractive index measurement:
    • Digital refractometer
    • Performance verification
    • Adjustments
    • Tips and tricks
  • Digital Lab:
    • Data and user management
    • Asset and workflow management
    • Security and compliance

Join our webinar to learn about the latest insights in digital refractive index measurements and data governance.

Learn more about good measuring practices when using digital refractometers to achieve the best and most reliable results.