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OEM and System Integration
News 21


Weighing Components

OEM and System Integration News 21
OEM and System Integration News 21

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) combines a multitude of factors with two winners: First, fast installation features save production costs for the machine manufacturer. Second, rapid weighing assures higher throughput for the machine’s end-users.


  • Increase Your Competitiveness
    Save Costs with Smart Sensors
  • Smart Sensors – High Performance
    Bring Your Machines into the Future
  • Avoid Technological Disruption
    Stay Compliant with Industry 4.0 / IIoT
  • Cost-Effective Scale Connectivity
    With a Modern User Interface 
  • Best-in-Class Weighing
    A Single Source for All Your Needs
  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition
    Enable Tanks for Future Calibration
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