Petrochemicals manufacturer implements Track & Trace
Case Study

A Track & Trace Solution for the Petrochemicals Industry

Case Study

Securing the supply chain for oil manufacturers in response to counterfeiting

In a first for the industry, a petrochemicals manufacturer recently elected to implement a complete Track & Trace program in their production process. The reason for this move was simple: the need to combat the flow of counterfeit products making their way to the marketplace. Counterfeiting is a significant issue for lubricants – motor oil specifically – and the use of counterfeit products can cause significant damage – not to mention the potential loss of trust in the brand itself if the deception goes undetected.

This particular manufacturer began with an interest in vision inspection to inspect different varieties of motor oil, and expanded their interest into Track & Trace technology after discussions with METTLER TOLEDO. After looking into the technology from the standpoint of counterfeit prevention, our client was pleased to learn of the additional benefits of a Track & Trace program – such as using the apparatus to set up a new communications channel with their end users.


The case study goes through the complete details of the project, from its initial conception to the process of bringing the manufacturer up to speed on the standards used in serialization and aggregation applications, to developing an action plan for installing the necessary hardware and software infrastructure required. It also explains the complete process as it happens on the production floor and adds information on a secondary application used for products which are not included in the Track & Trace program.

By adding Track & Trace to their production process, the petrochemicals manufacturer can not only better combat the sale of counterfeit products, but they have been able to gain better visibility on the way their product supply chain functions as products move from the production facility to point of sale. This project was so successful for them, in fact, that they are now making plans to implement Track & Trace programs for other product varieties as well.