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Single-Use pH Sensor - InSUS 307

Electrochemical Single-Use pH Sensor

The InSUS 307 single-use pH sensor is designed for integration into single-use bags. This single-use pH sensor covers a pH range from 3-10 and eliminates the need to use two or more optical pH spots.

Reliable Measurement Performance
This single-use pH sensor uses high quality pH sensing technology provided by METTLER TOLEDO's glass pH/reference electrode design.

One Sensor for Many Applications
With it's wide range, this single-use pH sensor can be deployed in many cell culturing and fermentation applications using stirred single-use bags.

Simplifies Bag Handling
The dry storage capability of the InSUS 307 simplifies bag handling, making the technology of this single-use pH sensor easy to use and easy to integrate.

Single-Use pH Sensor - InSUS 307
Spezifikationen - Single-Use pH Sensor - InSUS 307
Messbereich pH 3-10
Sensorelemente Glass pH and Reference Electrodes, Lead-Free
Integrierter Temperaturfühler Pt1000
Nullpunkt 7.20 ±0.25 pH
Kalibration 1-point process
Schaftmaterialien High density polyethylene, USP 88 class VI
O-Ring-Material EPDM, USP 88 class VI
Prozess-Anbindung Eldon James 1' port disc, with retainer
Sterilisierbar mittels Gammastrahlen 25…45 kGy
Operating Temperature 5…60°C (41…140°F)
Lagerungstemperatur 5…25°C (41…77°F)
Mechanische Druckbeständigkeit "2 barg / 40 °C (29 psig / 104 °F), 1 barg / 60 °C (15 psig / 140 °F)"
Zulassungen USP 88 class VI for all wetted polymer parts, factory calibration

Features and Benefits

Ensure Process Safety
All wetted polymer materials used on the InSUS 307 single-use pH sensor are made of USP class VI certified materials to ensure the highest process safety.

The InSUS 307 single-use pH sensor uses a standard 1" Eldon James port disk. This unified design allows for safe and easy installation on a broad range of applications, including cell culturing, fermentation, media/buffer preparation and virus inactivation.

Reliable Output Signals
The output signal on the InSUS 307 single-use pH sensor is identical to the output for METTLER TOLEDO resuable pH sensors. This allows for seamless integration into existing transmitters and biocontroller process environments.


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Single-Use pH Sensor - InSUS 307
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