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Surfactant sensitive sensor

Potentiometric surfactant titration with a surfactant sensitive electrode - a method suitable for most ionic and nonionic surfactants. For this technique in aqueous solutions METTLER TOLEDO offers the DS500 which is used in connection with the DX200 double junction reference electrode.
Spezifikationen - DS500
Kurzbeschreibung Surfactant sensitive electrode for potentiometric titration of ionic and nonionic surfactants in aqueous solutions
Anwendungen Surfactant titration
Artikelnummer 51107670
Principle surfactant sensitive electrode (SSE)Principle
The potential of a solution containing surfactants is measured as a function of the titrant added. Potentiometric titrations are indicated with a surfactant sensitive electrode (SSE). The potential is formed by interaction between the ion carrier in the membrane and the analyte in the sample solution. It can be measured against a reference electrode at zero current. The potential-volume E-V curves obtained are usually S-shaped and can be easily evaluated for the largest change in potential. Thus, the standard evaluation is selected in the titration method. If the curve shows a pronounced asymmetric profile, then the asymmetric evaluation can be used.

Anionic (cationic) surfactants are titrated with cationic (anionic) surfactants. Near the equivalence point, a precipitate is formed, and the solution becomes turbid. In the case of nonionic surfactants, addition of a specific activator prior to titration is necessary to form a complex between analyte and titrant.



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