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Successful Product Inspection

at Kuchenmeister Using X-ray Technology

Trusting suppliers is good – but x-ray inspections are better. Kuchenmeister GmbH has been known for its delicious baked and confectionary specialities for 130 years.

Operating from its HQ in Soest with approximately 1000 employees, the family company today ranks among the largest mid-sized baked goods producers and is the German market leader in the field of ready-to-eat cakes. A total of 92,000 tonnes of cakes were produced and marketed in 2013 under the company’s own brand and other brands.

X-ray inspection systems from METTLER-TOLEDO Safeline have supported Kuchenmeister in complying with national and international legislation and standards, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), IFS Higher Level (International Featured Standard) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Thanks to its use of the latest x-ray inspection technology, Kuchenmeister can also comply with all of the quality standards required by its customers.

”Alongside a strong customer focus, we have strict requirements in terms of the quality and flavour of our products,“ explains Markus Junkmann, Production Manager at the Mettingen facility, “which is why we only purchase the best raw materials,” he adds. Kuchenmeister does not rely solely on its suppliers when it comes product monitoring. “The raisins are checked for contaminants such as stones by our suppliers. Yet despite this, we still use x-ray inspection technology from Mettler-Toledo Safeline for incoming goods checks to check the purchased raw materials again, so that we can eliminate the risk of contaminents in our production operations,” explains Thomas Engel, Quality Manager at Kuchenmeister.

“Operating in connection with the latest mechanical engineering, computer-controlled production at Kuchenmeister ensure optimised procedures in production and consistently high quality,” explains Hans-Dieter Schmidt, Key Account Manager at Mettler-Toledo. “Kuchenmeister places particular emphasis on securing a uniform technological standard in its operations,” HansDieter Schmidt adds. This is why the production machines can be deployed flexibly within all locations. Kuchenmeister can then react very quickly to customer requirements with maximum system availability.

Kuchenmeister also employs the latest x-ray inspection technology in its final packaging operations. The new X33 Series x-ray inspection system from Mettler-Toledo Safeline is used here. The X33 Series is ideally suited for inspecting small and mid-sized packaged products and offers excellent detection of dense contaminants, including metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, high-density plastic and rubber. At Kuchenmeister, the X33 Series checks small, packaged cake bases (biscuit tartlets) shortly before they leave the company’s Mettinger facility. If the X33 Series detects any contaminants, the package in question is automatically rejected from the production line using a pusher. The X33 Series x-ray inspection system inspects up to 35 to 40 packages per minute at Kuchenmeister.  

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