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pH Measurement in Amine-Based Quench Water

Application Note - pH Measurement
Process Analytics - «Application Note»

For example, in the production of ethylene, ethane feedstock is cracked at high temperatures. The cracked ethylene mixture is cooled by direct quenching with water which is recirculated (Fig. 1). The condensed hydrocarbons and water are separated in an oil water separator at the bottom. To control the separation and to minimize corrosion, it is important to maintain the right pH level. Therefore neutralizing agents are injected in the system. These neutralizing agents are usually amines (such as diethanol amine DEA).

Via in-situ pH measurement, the amine feed is automated. Temperatures at the bottom of the quench tower of more than 80°C and heavy contamination with emulsified oil, make this application a real challenge........

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