Integration of Weighing Data - METTLER TOLEDO

White Paper: Integration of Weighing Data

The white paper provides points to consider when defining operating boundaries and data objectives for transfer of weighing process data to PLC, MES or ERP systems. 

Efficient transfer of weighing process data to higher level PLC, MES or ERP systems makes manufacturing processes more efficient and more transparent. It can result in more accurate or faster filling and control processes.  Increased transparency can improve asset use, reduce operating costs, and make complying with certification standards or industrial regulations easier. But identifying and implementing the most effective system for data transfer and integration can be challenging.

The white paper assesses data integration solutions such as Ethernet TCP/IP with OPC server communication and PLC Fieldbus systems like EtherNet/IP™, Profibus® DP. It addresses the different considerations between industrial network design and office network design. The document holds a list of questions to determine data integration objectives and hints to minimize network load.

The white paper is a comprehensive source with useful advices and considerations for all those who must integrate weighing data in a PLC, MES.