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    Truck Scales

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    Truck Scale and Weighbridge Solutions

    Truck weighing is often an integral component of a company’s throughput and profit stream. Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day and those that weigh hundreds both need the most accurate and reliable truck scales and weighbridges to ensure their business is both efficient and profitable.

    No matter your application, METTLER TOLEDO offers high-performance vehicle scales/weighbridges, interfaces, software, and accessories to meet your weighing and operational needs. These truck weight scales and systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate and reliable systems of their kind.  These qualities work to keep your business moving every day.

    Truck Scales for Over-the-Road Trucks
    Truck Scale Upgrades
    Truck Scale/Weighbridge Management Software
    Vehicle Scale Load Cells

    Truck Scales for Over-the-Road Trucks

    Truck Scale Upgrades

    Truck Scale/Weighbridge Management Software

    Vehicle Scale Load Cells

    Weighbridges for road-going vehicles available with a steel deck or concrete deck.
    Retrofit older scales by adding the latest vehicle weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale.
    Gain complete control of your weighing transaction data with vehicle scale management systems for productivity and profit gains.
    Designed for truck scales and rail scales, advanced load cells increase weighing accuracy and reliability in demanding applications.
    Proven structural designs for demanding applications
    Premium materials and manufacturing for lasting performance
    Multiple Configurations
    Choose full-length, multi-axle, or single-axle configurations
    Increase Reliability
    Eliminate the causes of frequent downtime and high repair costs
    Protect Profitability
    Solve hidden weighing errors that drain profit from transactions
    Improve Business
    Faster transactions, fewer errors, and better information
    The Right Fit
    Packages designed for businesses of all sizes
    Premium Quality
    Laser-welded stainless steel for uncompromised performance
    Environmental Protections
    Built to withstand the harshest environments on Earth
    High Accuracy
    Leading innovations in weighing technology
    Portable Weighbridges
    Off-Road Weighbridges
    Vehicle Scale Terminals
    Vehicle Scale Additions

    Portable Weighbridges

    Off-Road Weighbridges

    Vehicle Scale Terminals

    Vehicle Scale Additions

    Weighbridges that are easy to move from one job site to another.
    Scales for weighing the larger and heavier trucks that are used for off-road hauling.
    From basic weighing to integrated control systems, the right scale terminal is ready to meet your needs.
    A full line of peripherals designed to increase the capabilities of your vehicle scale.
    Quality Construction
    Enjoy reliability and accuracy in a scale that can be relocated as needed
    Smart Designs
    Modular structures can be disassembled for transport
    Extreme Duty
    Weigh up to 500t with unmatched POWERCELL performance
    Rugged Construction
    Handles massive loads and challenging environments year after year
    Clear Information
    Scale operators benefit from color screens, easy controls, and simple setup
    Enhance Integration
    Connect to printers, remote displays, and weighing software to manage information
    Improve Accessibility
    Process weighing transactions at any time with unattended weighing terminals
    Improve Communication
    Keep drivers informed with remote weight displays, printers, and more
    Control Traffic
    Automate traffic management with sensory equipment
    Combination Truck and Rail Scales
    Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Systems

    Combination Truck and Rail Scales

    Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Systems

    A section of rail for weighing rail cars combined with an integral concrete deck for weighing trucks.
    Several types of Weigh-in-Motion system are available for use in the enforcement, monitoring and analysis of vehicles on the road.
    Meet multiple vehicle weighing needs in one scale to save space and money
    Superior Strength
    Built to handle the loading points of multiple vehicles
    Efficient Enforcement
    Identify vehicles for inspection without hindering traffic flow
    Professional Controls
    A combination of special hardware and software to manage in-motion weighing
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