Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Systems - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Systems

    For tablets, capsules and pharmaceutical powder product applications


    Easy To Operate

    Operation is simple and depending on the operating system can be performed via an intuitive membrane style key panel or a full colour touch screen interface.

    Key Panel HMI - a robust, menu-driven membrane key panel provides access to the detectors operating system. An intuitive, multiple-language interface maximises operator efficiency and minimises training requirements. The operating system provides rapid auto set-up, product changeover and in-built performance verification routines, for reduced production downtime.

    Touch Screen HMI - a full-colour touch-screen interface, with an intuitive icon-driven menu provides easy operator access to additional features. This interface simplifies procedures and places a host of valuable process information at the fingertips of your whole manufacturing team.

    Compact Designs And A Choice Of Aperture Size For Maximum Flexibility

    Tablex 2 and Tablex-PRO systems are designed to inspect tablets and capsules for any possible metal contamination encountered in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Systems are available in three standard aperture sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tablet and capsule sizes and throughput rates. There is also a choice of two interchangeable reject devices to suit all product types, applications and configurations.

    Pharma GF and GF-PRO systems provide efficient inspection of powdered and granular pharmaceutical products under gravity-fall conditions, a process as important as inspecting tablets and capsules. Pharma GF detectors are compact in size, enabling installation to take place in highly restricted spaces. Apertures are available in a choice of two standard sizes to accommodate a wide variety of throughputs. A fully integrated high-speed reject device is also incorporated to divert contaminated product flow. These can be rapidly dismantled and re-assembled (without the need for tools) for easy cleaning.


    Designed to meet the exacting standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline industrial metal detectors provide the ultimate solution in fully integrated product inspection and rejection systems for tablets, capsules, powders and granules.

    Manufactured from mirror-polished stainless steel, and incorporating pharmaceutical-grade FDA-approved contact parts throughout, Tablex and Pharma GF systems provide compact, easy-clean, hygienic inspection solutions to meet the metal detection needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    An advanced detection coil design, combined with a choice of proven Safeline software, delivers unrivalled detection performance and on-line stability. This enables even the smallest contaminants to be detected and rejected from the product flow. Systems are designed to detect all possible metal contamination encountered in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including ferrous, non-ferrous and even the most difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steels (grade 316). Contaminants less than 0.3mm in diameter can be readily detected and rejected.

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    DescriptionIntegrated metal detection and rejection systems for tablets and capsules
    DescriptionIntegrated metal detection and rejection systems for tablets and capsules
    DescriptionHigh performance pharmaceutical gravity fall systems
    DescriptionIntegrated metal detection and rejection systems for tablets and capsules with mini-conveyor system
    DescriptionHigh performance pharmaceutical gravity fall systems.
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