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    High Load Checkweighers

    Large package weighing and end of line completeness


    High-Load Checkweighers - The Solution – for Food and Non-Food Applications

    High-load checkweighers, CaseWeighers and Cargo systems are a flexible product range specifically designed for the fast and reliable transmission of product data, using a range of standard connection ports, including RS232, Ethernet and Profibus. Typical applications for these products include checkweighing of large packages on a production line, end-of-line completeness checking of multipacks, plus the weight capture and volume measurement of parcels and pallets in logistics operations.

    High-load checkweighers are suitable for those applications where heavier loads need to be weighed, (covering a weight range up to 120 kg) with maximum precision. Benefit from the flexibility of the X series: operator-friendly screen menus and prompts, continuously variable belt speed, and automatic measuring time adjustment. These checkweighers offer state-of-the-art dynamic weighing technology at an economical cost.

    The already well-specified standard design can be enhanced with a range of options, tailoring the  checkweigher for an optimum match with your specific requirements. The modular design concept makes the X series particularly operator- and service-friendly, and requires little maintenance.

    Benefit from the flexibility and the many advantages of the XS models. It features an easy-to-use touchscreen with a modern navigation approach, and "user profiles" – for clear operator guidance. Additional benefits include continuously variable belt speed control and automatic measuring time adjustment. High-Load checkweighers offer state-of-the-art dynamic weighing technology, with well-engineered software and hardware options.

    Get more information about High-Load Checkweighers in comprehensive datasheets or ask for more information and pricings on this site.

    Products and Specs
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    Weighing range
    Up to 100 ppm
    From ± 20 g
    100 g - 50 kg
    ThroughputUp to 100 ppm
    AccuracyFrom ± 20 g
    Weighing range100 g - 50 kg
    45 - 240fpm
    ±10g to ±45g
    20kg to 100kg
    Throughput45 - 240fpm
    Accuracy±10g to ±45g
    Weighing range20kg to 100kg
    max. 80
    from ± 10g
    up to 120kg
    Throughputmax. 80
    Accuracyfrom ± 10g
    Weighing rangeup to 120kg
    max. 100
    from ± 5g
    up to 40kg
    Throughputmax. 100
    Accuracyfrom ± 5g
    Weighing rangeup to 40kg
    max. 80
    from ± 10 g
    up to 120 kg
    Throughputmax. 80
    Accuracyfrom ± 10 g
    Weighing rangeup to 120 kg
    max. 100
    from ± 5 g
    up to 40 kg
    Throughputmax. 100
    Accuracyfrom ± 5 g
    Weighing rangeup to 40 kg
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