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    Since August 2011, PCE has been part of the METTLER TOLEDO Group, a leading international supplier of precision instruments with an international sales and service network ( This merger has led to the creation of a single source of global expertise in pharmaceutical Track & Trace systems, with a combined total of 600 installed lines for French coding and serialization in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia and South America.

    We can now offer you high-quality, modular and standardized Track & Trace systems, along with other key solutions for product inspection in packaging processes (such as checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and vision inspection systems) from a single source. What's more, you can rely on global customer support services and a sound, long-term partnership.

    Over the years, PCE has established a successful track record of supplying further solutions and components for optical quality inspection tasks in the pharmaceutical industry and in other sectors (e.g., blister checking, tablet checking and large-area label checking) either as add-on products or in combination with dedicated Track & Trace systems. By using the latest systems from METTLER TOLEDO for checking traceability, you can:

    • Meet quality standards
    • Ensure patient protection
    • Follow all applicable guidelines in the international pharmaceutical industry
    • Avoid product recalls that can damage your reputation; avoid counterfeits resulting from theft;
    • Rely on maximum transparency for your processes productivity and profitability in the long term

    METTLER TOLEDO service specialists know exactly what it takes to meet your specific operational requirements and the relevant standards. Benefit from our experience and expertise as the market leader and let us help you to ensure that your devices and systems enjoy maximum possible levels of availability, performance and conformity.

    Make the most of your investment by coming to the experts at Mettler Toledo.

    Serialization Solutions
    Aggregation Solutions
    Track & Trace Software

    Serialization Solutions

    Aggregation Solutions

    Track & Trace Software

    The experienced and helpful team at Mettler Toledo can provide expert bespoke solutions to assist with pharmaceutical mass production and drug serialization.
    For expert pharma packaging solutions and visual inspection services, trust the experienced Mettler Toledo team to provide a swift and helpful answer.
    Mettler Toledo can provide you with access to product control and serialization software, helping to solve a range of potential issues.
    Maximum Adaptability & Performance
    Modular and highly configurable systems ensure the production of high-performance pharmaceutical packaging
    Central Line Management
    Access to complete production status information at any time
    Flexibility you can rely on
    Compliance with the latest Track & Trace guidelines for marking pharmaceutical products
    Maximum Adaptability & Performance
    One solution for all countries, ensuring compliance with a wide range of local legal requirements
    Highest flexibility
    Modular-designed all-in-one solution complies with the latest Track & Trace guidelines
    Central Line Management
    Access to complete production status information at any time
    Maximum Adaptability & Performance
    High-performance packaging, including serialization, aggregation and quality inspection
    Fast and reliable Inspection
    Flexible, adaptable, and capable of working with both stand-alone machines and complete lines
    Production Site Management
    Accurate and up-to-date information about production performance, product and packaging quality and coding for any production line or order, worldwide
    Central Line Management
    Handle product data and order information, packaging formats and serial numbers at all aggregation levels
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