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    Microgram Weights

    Weights below one milligram, tailored solutions for specific needs


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    Weights Below One Milligram

    METTLER TOLEDO’s microgram weight portfolio addresses increasing customer demand for weights below one milligram. The weights, combined with their specially designed set of accessories and handling tools, offer the complete solution for customers who go beyond traditional boundaries.

    These weights are mainly used by national institutes for scientific research and calibrations, but they also aid general industry research in areas where equipment calibration with milligram weights is no longer sufficiently precise.

    Our microgram weights range from 0.05 mg up to 0.5 mg. They are available individually or as a set in a easy-to-clean aluminum case including specially developped handling tools. To gain achieve traceability, documented weight calibration results are delivered in calibration certificates with details of conventional mass correction, uncertainty and traceability according to ISO/IEC 17025.

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