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    Microbalance & Ultra Micro Balances

    Minimum Sample Sizes for Maximum Savings

    Minimum Sample Sizes for Maximum Savings

    Excellence micro balances and ultra-microbalances from METTLER TOLEDO set standards in terms of weighing performance, user friendliness and regulatory compliance. Offering a capacity of up to 6 g with 0.0001 mg readability or up to 52 g with 0.001 mg readability, these balances are ideal for weighing smallest sample amounts to significantly safe cost – particularly when using valuable materials.

    XPE Micro-analytical Balances
    XPR Micro Balance

    XPE Micro-analytical Balances

    XPR Micro and Ultra-Microbalances

    Higher capacity for dosing directly into your target vessel.
    Outstanding performance smallest samples amounts
    Technical Specification
    Capacity up to 52 g with 1 µg readability
    Efficient and Secure Weighing
    ErgoClips, SmartGrid: easy weighing and fast results
    Maximum Certainty
    Test manager, auto int. adjustment, weigh-in guide
    Quality Assurance
    MinWeigh, LevelControl, user profiles, passwords
    Technical Specification
    Capacity up to 10.1 g; Readability down to 0.1 μg
    Valid Results Guaranteed
    Through Active Temperature Control (ATC™) system
    Built-in Active Quality Assurance
    GWP Approved, Quality assuring user profiles
    Safe Operation
    Draft shield designed for easy cleaning
    Space-saving Design
    Smallest footprint with two terminal design
    Efficient Processes
    Modern user interface with results notepad
    1000 Balances. 4 Steps. One Recommendation. Find Your Balance Now
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