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Density Determination

Efficient density determination


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Density Determination

Determine the density of solid, liquid, porous and viscous substances using METTLER TOLEDO’s Density Kits, available for both Analytical and Precision Balances. Density can be determined using the buoyancy technique, the displacement principle or the pycnometer method.

The Density Kits are easily mounted on your balance in a few simple steps to provide a convenient and precise solution.


The Kits contain a support plate, brackets, glass beakers, thermometer, holders for floating and non-floating solids, and a bottle of wetting agent.

Integrated solution
The built-in density determination application on the Excellence XP/XS Balances provides complete workflows for five different methods. The application guides you step-by-step through the procedure, collects the results, calculates the density and allows statistical evaluation of the measurement series.

Density determination of liquids

For determining the density of liquids, the optional 10 ml glass sinker is available both calibrated and non-calibrated. Alternatively, the density of liquids can be determined with the use of a pycnometer.

Density determination of pasty substances
To determine the density of pasty substances a gamma sphere is required which can be obtained from specialist manufacturers.
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