IND560x Intrinsically Safe Weighing terminal - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

IND560x Intrinsically Safe Weighing terminal

IND560x – Uncompromised weighing in Zone 1/21 and Division 1

The IND560x intrinsically safe weighing terminal brings performance and versatility into Division 1, Zone 1 and 21 classified areas.  Designed for both process control and manual weighing operations the IND560x is ready for weighing in explosive areas. It features intrinsically safe design with software and internal hardware to manage high-speed process control.

Mobile weighing is possible when the analog/harsh enclosure version of the IND560x is used with the optional Power Adapter Board (PAB) and external NiMH battery.
Specifications - IND560x Intrinsically Safe Weighing terminal
Housing Panel mount: Stainless steel front panel, aluminum chassis. Certified IP65. Low profile front panel reduces contaminationHarsh environment: Full stainless steel housing. Certified IP69k, IP68, IP65
Interfaces Serial (RS-232/422/485), Ethernet 10 Base-T, PLC (A-B RIO, Analog Output, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP)Inputs: ASCIII, CPTZ, SICS Level 0/1, Remote displayOutputs: METTLER TOLEDO Continuous, Demand, Continuous template, 5 configurable templates* Some communication options only available with ACM500
Mounting options Wall, desk, panel, column
Digital Input/Output Internal solid state discrete I/O options offer a total of 4 inputs and 6 outputs. Choose from one of three options: Active Inputs/Active Outputs, Active Inputs/Passive Outputs, Passive Inputs/Passive Outputs - Active Inputs are powered internally by the IND560x and are designed for use with simple hazardous area switches - Active Outputs are powered internally by the IND560x and provide 12 VDC switching at 50 mA total. These are intended for use with low-power, intrinsically safe solenoids - Passive Inputs and Passive Outputs require power to be provided externally through an appropriate barrier. Entity parameters must be confirmedTotal I/O control expandable to 12 inputs and 18 outputs using ARM100 modules and RS-485 from the ACM500
Dimensions Panel mount: 160 x 265 x 92 mm (6.3 x 10.4 x 3.6 in.) Harsh environment/desk/wall: 184 x 289 x 160 mm (7.2 x 11.4 x 6.3 in.)
Resolution (approvable) USA: Class II, 100,000d; Class III/IIIL, 10,000d; CoC #05-0572ACanada: Class II, 100,000d; Class III, 10,000d; Class IIIHD, 20,000d; AM-5593 Rev 1Europe: Class II, resolution determined by platform approval; Class III, 10,000e; TC6812 Rev 15
Applications Standard process/transaction weighing, over/under checkweighing, filling
A/D rate (int./ext) A/D conversion ≤366 Hz. Target up to 50 Hz. PLC up to 20 Hz. Discrete I/O up to 25 Hz
Suitable platforms / weigh modules Supports single scale interface: Analog scale, 5 VDC excitation, up to 4 x 350W load cells (87Ω minimum resistance), 2 or 3 mV/V, 100,000d maximum resolution, IDNet scale, or SICSpro scale, high-precision PBK9/PFK9 Category 2 MPXI bases
Power supply Operates with the intrinsically safe APS768x or PSUx power supply. An external NiMH battery pack is available for use with the harsh/analog model
Material Number(s) 64087982
Trade Name IND560x

Key Benefits:

  • Fully compliant to global safety and weights and measures standards – a truly global solution
  • Best in class target update rate of upto 50Hz – for high speed automatic control
  • Built in active/active piezo solid state I/O’s – control valves directly without the need for extra wiring
  • Large display with SmartTrac – for simple accurate manual control
  • Fiber optic connection – simple and cheaper to install that copper based connections


Comply Globally – Approve Locally
The IND560x is designed for the global market because it is approved to local standards such as ATEX (EU), FM (USA & Canada) and NEPSI (China). 

Weigh Quickly
The IND560x excels in controlling filling and dosing applications. It performs a target update rate of 50 Hz. This means once a set point is reached you can trigger a process control in only 20 ms. Choose between an analog or digital scale interface, to deliver precise, repeatable measurements from milligrams to tons, in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operations

The IND560x is ideally suited for manual weighing applications. The SmartTrac™ graphic display provides operators with unmistakable weighing transaction status, helping to reduce errors and eliminate waste. The IND560x supports up to 20 programmable, on screen prompts to assist an operator through complex operations.

Control directly
Looking to control devices directly in the hazardous areas without the need to use expensive barriers or purges.

As well as the traditional passive/passive I/O control the IND560x now offers you internal active/active piezo solid state I/O’s.  This has an advantage over traditional passive/passive systems by reducing the wiring, simplifying the installation reducing the capital investment needed. 

Connect universally
Connect the IND560x with the ACM500 and open a world of communication possibilities.  From the safe area, the ACM500 provides an ultra fast communication rate of up to115k baud allowing high volume data transfer. 

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IND560x Intrinsically Safe Weighing terminal
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