Compression Weigh Modules - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Compression Weigh Modules

    Preserve Accuracy and Ensure Safety

    Products and Specs
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    Maximum Capacity
    Maximum Capacity5kg - 4.4t (11lb - 10000lb)
    Maximum Capacity220kg - 4.4t (500lb - 10000lb)
    Maximum Capacity7.5t - 100t (16500lb - 220000lb)
    Maximum Capacity7.5t - 90t (16500 - 198000lb)
    Maximum Capacity250kg, 500kg, 1t - 10t (550lb - 22000lb)
    Maximum Capacity250kg, 500kg, 1t - 10t (550lb - 22000lb)
    Maximum Capacity20t - 300t (44000lb - 661000lb)
    Maximum Capacity250 - 2,500 lb
    Maximum Capacity5,000 - 250,000 lb
    Maximum Capacity1,000 - 75,000 lb
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