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MX5 Microbalance

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Phased-out since: Jan, 2008

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MX5 Microbalance
MX5 Microbalance
Specifications - MX5 Microbalance
Maximum Capacity 5.1 g
Readability 1 μg
Trade Name MX5/A,MX5/M
Features and Benefits
World-leading weighing performance: Our microbalances have the highest resolution of any micro balance in existence: up to an unmatched 52 million resolution points.
Unmatched user friendliness: The touchscreen display makes operation fast and easy. Up to eight personalized operator settings can be configured, saved and retrieved.
Regulatory compliance: A set of built-in QM tools guarantees comprehensive data security and documentation.
SmartSens: Place the sample on the weighing pan without touching the balance. Hands-off weighing is quicker and more convenient.
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