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White Paper: Inline Particle Size Measurement - Changing the Paradigm

Learn About the Next Generation FBRM®

By measuring dynamic changes to particles through growth, breakage, dissolution, or agglomeration mechanisms, inline tools such as FBRM® and PVM® provide detailed information that enables improvements in yield, product consistency, and downstream throughput. 

Interpreting particle processing and crystallization mechanisms is even easier with the new generation of FBRM® technology. By improving chord length accuracy, eliminating convoluting surface feature measurements, correcting for particle fouling, and increasing the dynamic range, the next generation FBRM® provides more intuitive information while tracking critical product parameters with both higher precision and improved accuracy.  This white paper discusses how new improvements in design, coupled with the use of the latest electronic and software technology, have enabled the next generation FBRM® to surpass its already capable predecessors.

Inline Particle Size Measurement
Inline Particle Size Measurement
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