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Trouble Free Density Measurement of Bitumen

Density of petroleum products is an important characteristic. However, in the case of low boiling bitumen and other products that are solid at room temperature, determination is cumbersome. In addition to this, exposure to cleaning substances can be harmful to health. METTLER TOLDEO offers a solution for the trouble-free and secure measurement of such tricky samples.

Bitumen mainly consists of high molecular hydrocarbons and, therefore, is often highly viscous or solid at ambient temperature remaining extremely viscous even after heating. For the quality control of these materials, the density or related units, such as API gravity degrees or the specific gravity, have to be determined.
METTLER TOLEDO offers a solution to greatly simplify this measurement: The powerful and reliable SC1H and SC30H heated automation units are designed to keep samples at elevated temperatures of up to 80°C and com­pletely automate the measure­ment of required parameters.
The none-heated versions, SC1 and SC30, can be used for other petrochemical products, which are viscous (up to 30’000 mPa*s) but liquid at room temperature, such as lubricants.


Convenient Health Protection and increased Efficiency

When measuring petroleum products, hexane and toluene are good for cleaning although prolonged exposure can be harmful to operators. The automated measuring systems protect operators from direct contact with toxic solvents or vapours. The need to remove protecting gloves is also removed as the measurement can be started completely hands free. Simply move a hand over the ErgoSens™, an infrared sensor for hands-free operation.

After density determination, the required measurement units (such as API gravity) are calculated and printed if need be before the whole system is thoroughly cleaned without any operator interaction. The toxic and smelly waste is collected in a separate container, which can be equipped with the LevelSens™ Level Sensor to eliminate the risk of overfilling.

The automatic error detection securely excludes the presence of bubbles – which are impossible to see in such pitch-black samples – therefore ensuring that reliable results are consistently obtained.



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