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Thermal Analysis Webinars from the Technology Leader

 The Future of Thermal Analysis

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We offer web-based seminars (webinars) on different topics. Once you have registered for a webinar, you will receive information on how to participate in a seminar. You will need a telephone and an Internet connection.
After the presentation by the specialist, you will have the opportunity to discuss any points of interest with the specialist or with other participants.

We currently offer the following live webinars:

TOPEM®Temperature modulation, a powerful tool for separating overlapping effectsJune 1, 2017Registration/More
Calibration in Thermal AnalysisBasics of calibration and adjustment, useful tips and hintsJune 29, 2017Registration/More
Thermal Analysis of ThermoplasticsThermal analysis for the quality control and analysis of thermoplasticsJuly 27, 2017Registration/More
Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) OIT is a rapid method to check the thermal stability of organic materialsAugust 31, 2017Registration/More
All about Thermal AnalysisThermal Analysis measures physical and chemical properties as a function of temperatureSeptember 28, 2017Registration/More
DMA Master Curves and the TTS principleDMA master curves describe viscoelastic behavior at extreme frequenciesOctober 26, 2017Registration/More
Crystallization Measured by Thermal AnalysisPolymer crystallization by DSC and Flash DSCNovember 30, 2017Registration/More
Thermal Analysis of Textile MaterialsModern textile materials can be investigated by Thermal AnalysisDecember 14, 2017Registration/More


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