New Excellence Analytical Balances - METTLER TOLEDO


METTLER TOLEDO introduces a new dimension in analytical weighing with a combination of intelligent features to make your daily weighing tasks easy and error-free.

You not only benefit from the outstanding weighing performance of Excellence Analytical Balances but you can also be sure of full regulatory compliance and high process security.

I know weighing is safe!

I invested in METTLER TOLEDO’s new XPE Analytical Balances to ensure my lab personnel can weigh with confidence. I followed the green light to worry-free weighing.

Mehui Taylor, Lab Manager

Electrostatic issues don’t bother me!

My new XPE Analytical Balance lets me weigh samples without a second thought. It comes with a clever electrostatic detection system. It makes my life a lot easier.

Carlos Rivera, Lab Technician

Another milestone in error reduction!

I have absolute confidence in our internal weighing processes with the new XPE Analytical Balance. The new balance ensures full regulatory compliance and process security, which keeps me smiling.

Robert Anderson, Quality Manager