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    Filter Weighing Solution - XP2U
    Pipette Check & Calibration


    Filter Weighing Solutions

    Pipette Check & Calibration

    Det rette valget for handel med dyrebare materialer, edelmetallanalyser og forhandlere. Våre vekter er holdbare, nøyaktige, raske og kompakte.
    Unsurpassed accuracy up to a tenth of a microgram for emissions determination with a Robotic Filter Weighing Solution or a Filter Weighing Kit installed.
    Efficient and ergonomic solutions from a Quick Check up to professional calibrations solutions according ISO8655.
    Tekniske spesifikasjoner: lesbarhet og kapasitet
    Kapasitet på 0,01 mg til 32.200 g og 0,1 mkt til 1600 kt
    Pålitelige resultater
    MonoBloc-veiecelle og intern justering
    Kompakt og bærbar
    AC og batteridrevet
    Enkel betjening
    Tydelig meny, stor og bakbelyst LCD-skjerm
    Fleksibel tilkobling
    Kan kobles til PC, skriver eller ekstra skjerm
    Technical Specifications: Readability and Capacity
    0.001 mg and 2.1 g to 6.1 g
    Electrostatic Discharging
    System controlled U-Ionizer for efficient discharging
    Safe data management
    Windows® software with barcode scanner
    Excellent Connectivity
    7 freely definable optional interfaces
    Intuitive User Interface
    Customizable colored touch - screen display
    Technical Specifications
    from 1ul up to 10ml pipette calibration solutions
    SmartCheck kit
    For fast and reliable pipette checks
    Calibrate Micro pipettes
    Easily done with XPE26PC
    RFID pipette tagging
    for reliable and easy checking
    Calibration Software
    for traceable results and reporting
    Jewelry Balances and Scales

    Jewelry Balances and Scales

    Swiss Jewelry Weighing Technology for weighing diamonds, gold and silver. Legal-for-trade versions available for all carat and gold precision balances.
    Technical Specifications
    Readability 0.01 mg to 32200 g and Capacity 0.1 mct to 1600 ct capacity
    Reliable Results
    MonoBloc weighing cell and internal adjustment
    Compact and Portable
    AC and Battery operated
    Easy operation
    Clear menu, large backlit LCD display
    Flexible Connectivity
    Connects to PC, printer or second display
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