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    Fast Performance Check For Your Moisture Analyzers


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    How can you test your moisture analyzer?

    SmartCal is an innovative test substance that offers a fast way to verify the performance of your moisture analyzer. Testing your instrument regularly with SmartCal ensures that your moisture results are reliable all the time. The SmartCal test takes just 10 minutes and it is done in the same easy way as a regular moisture measurement. Testing your moisture analyzer with SmartCal provides documented instrument performance: SmartCal measurement reports make it easy to monitor and interpret your instrument's performance over time.

    Choose cSmartCal if you require a test substance that is certified. cSmartCal is tested by the independent German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin. The cSmartCal certificate satisfies the needs of regulated industries.

    How can you start testing your moisture analyzer?

    Our SmartCal StarterPac contains everything you need to begin SmartCal routine performance testing: 12 sachets plus all the accessories you need, including the SmartCal user guide, measurement protocols, reporting templates, a thermo-hygrometer and validation documentation.

    SmartCal is a fast performance check for your moisture analyzers.

    • Quick and easy testing procedure
    • Trusted results from verified instruments
    • Documented instrument performance over time
    • Certified version for the strictest regulatory requirements