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Detector de metales Profile Advantage

For challenging applications. Delivers up to 50 percent improved sensitivity to detect smaller metal contaminants when inspecting products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooling or packed in metallized film

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance

Multi Simultaneous Frequency & Product Signal Suppression technology deliver the ultimate detection sensitivity with zero false triggering

Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design

Proven reliability. Intuitive, easy to use icon driven touchscreen. Stainless Steel finish with a choice of sealing standards (IP65/IP69K).

Maximum Uptime

Condition Monitoring and automatic balance control combine to deliver a stable operating platform to maximise performance and minimise downtime

Profile Advantage
Especificaciones - Profile Advantage Metal Detector
Brand Protection High sensitivity to Fe, Non-Fe & S/S metals
Compliance BRC;FSMA;FSSC22000;IFS;SQF
Increased Productivity World class reliability and automated PV routines;World class reliability and OEE with reporting
Cost Reduction Stable operation with minimal product waste;Zero false rejects via product signal suppression
Ease of Use Single setting operation;Single setting operation with Intuitive Clustering
Future Proof Modular and upgradeable design
Operating Mode Multi-Simultaneous Frequency (10 modes)
User Access Log and Detection Log data stored and displayed;Date and time stamped
Product Memory Facility Stores up to 100 product names with rapid recall
Histogram and Vector Diagrams monitor performance;Track product signal changes
Individual User Accounts 34 user accounts, selectable by job function
Product Display Data Product Name display includes batch/code detail
Multiple Languages 28 selectable user account-specific languages
Automatic Performance Monitoring Alarm Notifies when scheduled test is due/overdue
Performance Verification Alarm Automatic reminder when annual verification is due
Documentation Installation/Operation instructions and IPac
HMI Display 147 mm (5.7 inch) colour QVGA touchscreen display
Test Pieces Included Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel
Temperature Range - Operating / Storage -10 to +45 degrees C / -10 to +50 degrees C
Voltage 102 to 240 Volts AC (+10% / -15%)
Número de material 28015485

Tabla de especificaciones de Profile Advantage

Protección de la marca

Alta sensibilidad a metales férricos, no férricos y acero inoxidable
ConformidadConformidad con FSSC22000, BRC, IFS, SQF y FSMA
Mayor productividadFiabilidad y efectividad global de equipos de primera clase con generación de informes
Reducción de costesNingún falso rechazo mediante supresión de señal de producto
Facilidad de usoFuncionamiento con un solo ajuste con agrupación intuitiva
Preparado para el futuroDiseño modular y actualizable
Pantalla de la interfaz usuario-máquina (HMI)Pantalla táctil en color QVGA de 145 mm (5,7 pulg.)
Modo de funcionamientoFrecuencia multisimultánea (10 modos)
Registro de detección y de acceso de operadorImpresión de la fecha y hora, datos almacenados y mostrados
Capacidad de memoria de productoAlmacenamiento de hasta 100 nombres de producto con recuperación rápida
Histogramas y diagramas de vectoresSeguimiento de cambios de señal de productos, supervisión del rendimiento
Cuentas de operador individuales32 cuentas de operador, seleccionables por función de trabajo
Datos de presentación de productoDetalles de lote/código incluidos en presentación de nombre de producto
Varios idiomas26 idiomas seleccionables específicos para las cuentas de operador
Alarma de supervisión del rendimiento automáticaNotificación de vencimiento o atraso de comprobaciones programadas
Alarma de verificación del rendimientoRecordatorio automático de vencimiento de la verificación anual
DocumentaciónInstrucciones de instalación/funcionamiento e IPac
Patrones de comprobación incluidosFérricos, no férricos y de acero inoxidable
Intervalo de temperatura (en funcionamiento/en reposo)De -10 a +45 C/De -10 a +50 C
TensiónDe 100 a 240 voltios CA (+10 %/-15 %).

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Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity

Predictive Analytics and Condition Monitoring maximize productivity through increased performance monitoring intervals to increase uptime and improve OEE. On-board OEE reporting included

Exceed Global Food Safety Standards

Supports GFSI standards, FSMA and all retailer codes of practice. Multi-level access control includes 21CFR Part 11 compliant login mode.

Up to 50% Improved Sensitivity

Superior performance on wet and conductive products. Product signal suppression overcomes product effect to detect more metal contamination in challenging applications irrespective of packaging type.

Ease of Operation

Single setting operation with Intuitive Clustering minimises set up time during multiple product changeovers on the production line.

Product Application

Designed specifically for inspection of loose, pre-packed or packed products on conveyorised production lines. Pipeline option is designed for inspection of liquids, pastes and slurries.

Enhanced Data Collection and Connectivty

PackML 2.0 compliant. Connectivity options such as OPC, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP simplify integration and connectivity to factory management information systems.

Stable and Reliable for Maximum Uptime

Intelligent balance control and enhanced vibration/noise immunity combine to make Profile Advantage the most reliable metal detector on the market.

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Profile Advantage Metal Detector
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