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Label Serialization Station Compact LSS-C

Label Serialization Station Compact LSS-C

The Label Serialization Station Compact (LSS-C) prints and inspects labels with serialized data in one integrated system. Graphics, text and bar codes are analyzed using precision vision inspection software. Defective labels stop the printer, allowing operators to remove or mark the faulty label. This allows errors to be removed before a label is applied to a product, ensuring only the complete and correct labels appear on your products. The LSS-C contains an industrial PLC and further integration with automated equipment is possible.


  • Variable label sizes - ideal for small printing runs.
  • Rapid Training and Changeover Times.
  • Individual fault detection - inspection and verification of all print elements on a label
  • Inspection of text, barcodes, 2D codes and variable data.
Specifications - Label Serialization Station Compact LSS-C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1090 x 800 x 525 mm
Label Printer Zebra Xi4 110/170 Thermal Transfer Printer
Max. label size 170 mm width; 230 mm length
Application / Features OCR; print verification; 1D/2D barcode inspection
Resolution 11 Megapixel Camera

Features and Benefits


Compact Design
An improved ergonomic design enables comfortable product handling with maximum efficiency. The space-saving design allows easy integration in confined production environments. Use of external unwinding and rewinding units is possible.
Maximum Size Flexibility
The LSS-C allows for multiple inspection areas on each label, checking text, barcodes, 2D codes and variable data up to a label size of approx. 170 x 230 mm and font sizes as small as 6 pt for missing or incorrect printing. Users can set different error sensitivities for each inspection area.
Rapid Training and Changeover Times
Thanks to a complete digital workflow, training times are reduced and the risk of operating errors are minimized. All mechanical components are easily accessible, which also reduces changeover times.
Variable formats
The Label Serialization Station Compact is ideal for small printing runs. Variable data can be assigned to PDF printing templates.


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Label Serialization Station Compact LSS-C
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