Turbidity Meters and Sensors - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Turbidity Meters and Sensors

    In-line, high performance turbidity sensor for process control.


    Monitor particle concentration and phase separation with in-line turbidity meters and monitors

    The real-time data from in-line turbidity sensors provides instant notification of out-of-specification conditions, process completion, and phase separation. METTLER TOLEDO offers sensors with a range of turbidity measurement technologies to suit a wide range pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage processes.

    Our range of in-line turbidity meters include:


    InPro 6400
    InPro8200 turbidity sensor

    Low to Medium Turbidity Measurement (Forward/ 25⁰ / 90⁰ Scattered Light)

    Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology)

    RAMS Optical Product Monitor

    Broad measurement range from low to medium turbidity - higher productivity and quick system start-up.
    Broad measurement range from medium to high turbidity - quick process adaption and easy installation.
    Rugged and easy to use turbidity system designed for use in phase separation by turbidity/color and for product identification processes.
    High performance solution for breweries
    Fast start up with Plug and Measure thanks to
    Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM)
    Calibration data stored in the sensor
    Sample color monitoring (optional)
    Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical or wastewater applications
    In situ multi-point calibration
    Small 12mm diameter sensor saves valuable space
    Pg 13.5 thread for easy installation and interface into housings
    Reliable solution for food & beverage industry
    Simple and cost effective
    measurement with direct 4/20 mA output
    Various sensor options available for special applications
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