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AB104-S/FACT Analytical Balance

Always accurate - with FACT

Phased-out since: Oct, 2015

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Accurate, easy-to-use and reliable to provide good weighing for many years – that sums up the Classic Balances from METTLER TOLEDO in a single sentence. The full metal housing make these balances your reliable partner for everyday use.

AB104-S/FACT Analytical Balance
AB104-S/FACT Analytical Balance
Specifications - AB104-S/FACT Analytical Balance
Maximum Capacity 110 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Repeatability 0.1 mg
Linearity 0.2 mg
Settling time (typical) 3.5 s
Adjustment with internal weights FACT
Adjustment with external weights 100 g
Sensitivity temperature drift 2.5 ppm/°C
Interfaces RS232
Size of weighing pan ø 80 mm
Free height above weighing pan 237 mm
Dimensions 245x321x344 mm (WxDxH)
Material Number(s) 11124474
Trade Name AB104-S/FACT,AB104-S/FACT/A,AB104-S/FACT/M
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