Laboratory Balances & Scales, Lab Weighing METTLER TOLEDO

    Laboratory Weighing

    Balances and Scales for the Laboratory


    We are the Leading Supplier for Balances and Scales Worldwide

    For weighing to the nearest 0.0000001 g up to several hundred metric tons. In laboratories, production, and quality control, as well as schools, universities, and specialty stores, our balances are renowned as premium quality, high-precision weighing instruments.

    Whatever your application may be: there is a good chance that METTLER TOLEDO offers the solution that best fits your needs in lab weighing.


    Analytical Balances
    METTLER TOLEDO Analytical Balances are a perfect combination of high performance, reliability and ease-of-use.


    Precision Balances
    METTLER TOLEDO Precision Balances are made for reliable and high-precision weighing. Both in the lab and under harsh industrial conditions.


    Micro & Ultra Micro Balances
    Exceeding the limits of weighing: Excellence Micro and Ultra Micro Balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples.


    Automated Powder and Liquid Dosing
    Automated dispensing of 1 mg to 5 g of free-flowing powders with liquid dispense option to make dosing easier and safer.


    Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®)
    GWP® is a global weighing standard that can be applied to new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry and workplace.


    Moisture Analyzer
    The METTLER TOLEDO family of moisture analyzers provides fast, precise and reliable moisture determination.


    Special & Segment Solutions
    Jewelry, Portable balances, Pharmacy Line, Education Line or Ex Zone 2 balances - we offer a broad portfolio tailored to your special needs.


    Mass Comparators
    Mass Comparators set the standard in mass metrology and ensure traceability to the international prototype.


    Test Weights
    Select weights to test your balance with a wide range from 50 µg to 5000 kg, and optimize your calibration processes with smart accessories.

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