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    Manual Pipettes

    Manual pipettes — single channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer multichannel manual pipettes.


    Exceptional Pipetting Performance and Ergonomics

    Rainin offers state-of-the-art single channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer manual pipettes and accessories that raise the bar on comfort, performance and control.

    Rainin's Pipet-Lite™ XLS+ manual pipettes blend cutting-edge engineering and innovation to deliver highly reproducible results with exceptional comfort. New "stiction-less" elastomeric seal technology and polymer tip ejectors deliver smoothness and control. The sure-fit handle, light springs and patented LTS™ LiteTouch™ System ensure smooth, comfortable operation and significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Tip shaft options include low-force LTS for improved ergonomics, as well as universal-fit.

    In addition, all Rainin XLS+ pipettes are equipped with RFID tags for enhanced security, state-of-the-art inventory control and calibration tracking.

    Rainin manual pipettes – the pipettes of choice for world-class results.

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    Pipet-Lite XLS+ Manual Single Channel Pipette
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    Pipet-Lite XLS+ Manual Multichannel Pipette
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    Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Manual Multichannel Pipette

    Pipet-Lite XLS+ Manual Single Channel Pipette

    Pipet-Lite XLS+ Manual Multichannel Pipette

    Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Manual Multichannel Pipette

    With proven accuracy and precision, Pipet-Lite XLS+ single channel pipette is among the most ergonomic manual pipettes available.
    Pipet-Lite XLS+ multichannel pipette new liquid ends are made of durable, lightweight materials and new mechanical designs.
    For speed, ease and accuracy, nothing beats the Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer pipette for streamlining complex workflows.
    Low spring forces
    Light springs and low-drag seals: superior control.
    Total hand comfort
    Pipet-Lite XLS+ is optimized for balance and comfort.
    Smooth operation
    New seals deliver smooth, consistent plunger action.
    A better tip ejector
    Corrosion free and chemical resistant.
    Autoclavable liquid end
    Autoclave the complete liquid end, including the seals.
    Amazing balance
    Lightweight and balanced: world class pipetting.
    Lightest touch
    Low forces in XLS+ enhance comfort and ease of use.
    Superior performance
    LTS for consistent sample loading on all channels.
    Superior channel-to-channel consistency
    New seals and LTS tips give channel consistency.
    Fast, changeable tip spacing
    Quickly move samples between tubes and plates.
    Faster workflow
    Fast space changing and consistent sample loading.
    Superior performance
    LTS for consistent sample loading on all channels.
    Secure volume lock
    Prevent accidental volume drift easily.
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    Rainin Classic
    Online Store
    Manual Pipetting Accessories

    Rainin Classic

    Manual Pipetting Accessories

    Solid performance, good ergonomics and value pricing make Rainin Classic a logical choice for many labs.
    Protect your high-performance pipettes with original Rainin accessories.
    Low forces
    25% lower plunger forces than similar pipettes.
    Shock absorbing
    Silicone pad reduces thumb impact on ejection.
    Ergonomic design allows your hand to relax.
    Built to last
    Stainless steel and PVDF components for long life.
    Pipette stands
    A range of configurations and options
    Prevent liquids and aerosols entering the shaft
    Sterile polypropylene reagent reservoirs
    RFID Reader and LabX software
    Manage assets and improve regulatory compliance
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