Postal Scales - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Postal Scales

    Accurate weighing scales for postal and mail applications


    Gain productivity with postal weighing scales

    In postal weighing applications, speed and accuracy are critical. Enhance productivity and make your processes easier for operators with our postal weigh scales. They are multi-functional for accurate weighing in a variety of applications—from self-service and sorting to point-of-sale and dynamic weighing

    BC Postal and Shipping Scales
    Postal Scales

    BC Postal and Shipping Scales

    Postal Scales

    Perfect for mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores
    Basic weighing for postal applications with features for quick and easy operation
    Easy connectivity
    Multiple options with Serial, USB, Virtual Serial, Keyboard Wedge, Ethernet or Bluetooth
    Intuitive Interface
    Graphical display has functional soft keys and Navigation keypad. As simple to use as your Television
    Rugged and Reliable
    All metallic base and frame structure can handle 500% overload and still weigh accurately
    Perfect for various postal applications
    Unrivaled accuracy
    Experience the quality METTLER TOLEDO is known for
    Designed to withstand daily use
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