Pallet Jack Scales and Pallet Truck Scales

    Pallet Jack Scales

    Pallet Truck Scales - Lift the load, read its weight, and move it to its destination


    Dependable, durable pallet jack scales

    METTLER TOLEDO PTA/BTA pallet truck scales and pallet jack scales make receiving and shipping a breeze. A wide range of options and accessories allow you to fit the pallet jack and scales to your process. In just one operation, you lift, weigh and transport to significantly speed up your warehouse and shipping processes. It’s rugged construction can take the knocks of heavy use.


    Precise Pallet Truck Scale
    PTA45 Pallet Scales

    Pallet Truck Scale

    PTA45 Pallet Scales

    The BTA231 Pallet Truck Scale is a rugged and cost-effective solution and features a dependable terminal including a large, easily visible display and efficient keyboard.
    The PTA45_ pallet scales are dedicated for pallet weighing in dry and wet environments
    For long-lasting operation in rugged logistic applications
    Easy to operate
    Includes two customizable function keys
    Long stand-alone operational life (>95 hours)
    An assortment of sizes
    For EURO pallets and all other formats
    Choice of capacity
    Weighing ranges of 300 to 3000 kg
    Material selection
    Mild steel galvanized or stainless steel
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